About Me

Hello there! :)

I’m Luisa. Welcome to Timelace Studio!


That’s me! :)

As you can see all over this blog, I’m addicted to creating luxury fashion, especially corsets and lingerie. I’m also 24 years old, living in Germany, and currently doing my master degree in mechanical engineering.

I started sewing as a child, when I tried to “help” my mother making carnival costumes for me. In my teens, I developed a passion for individual and high quality clothing, so I taught myself how to sew.

My favorite stages, when creating a garment, are designing and pattern making. But I also love to sew it all together, while listening to some wonderful audio book or music.

All my knowledge about garment making comes from books, blog articles, asking questions and of course from trying out. I strongly believe, that with good resources you can learn everything! And I mean everything! :) I love to learn and I regularly challenge myself with new projects and techniques, which I wish to share with you!

This blog is all about inspiration and learning how to sew high quality garments, that fit better, look better and are more durable than ready made clothing. Why else would we even start to make our own clothing? :)

On the pages corsetry, lingerie and sewing you find an overview of all the post, that I’ve ever written.

Take a look! I hope you enjoy it! :)