Video Tutorial: How to draft sewing patterns with Valentina

In this article you will learn how to draft sewing patterns on your PC using the free pattern making software Valentina. I put together a video tutorial, where I guide you step by step through the program, using the basic panty pattern as an example.

What you need to follow along:

I hope you’ll enjoy the video and find it helpful! :) If there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask in the comments. Also, please excuse my german accent. 😉


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 7:06 Valentina User Interface
  • 9:38 Measurement Table
  • 13:50 Draft Mode
    • 13:50 Front Panty
    • 29:08 Back Panty
    • 33:45 Gusset
  • 35:19 Detail Mode
  • 41:46 Layout Mode
  • 44:55 Grading

You’ll find further information about Valentina in the user manual.

And here’s a short video about printing sewing patterns on your home printer:

10 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How to draft sewing patterns with Valentina

  1. hi

    love your accent, my husbend was german My issue is that I work on Linux 16.04. I put my information and created a measurment table. How ever, it will only allow me to record th height. No other measurments and the value and and formula are at 0. I looked at the customs pick what I want, and cannot record the values at all. Any solution?
    thanks, Varda Rotenberg

  2. Thank you so much, Luisa!! Congratulations of a fabulous tutorial on Valentina! This is such a wonderful introduction tutorial to the amazing software.

  3. Thank you very much Luisa, everything is really clear and helpful! I’m going to start my very first pattern right now :)

  4. I really love would love to be able to see your tutorial, but it’s not very clear. I’m already stuck trying to do the first line for the panty. I cant see the formula you are using. This is what I came up with trying to see yours,(@wg)4)*0.9 but its wrong. I got an error. Can you please tell me what the proper formula is? thx. :)

  5. thanks so much for the tutorial!
    By the way, your accent is lovely and I had no problem understanding you

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