How to sew panties! (video tutorial)

Hello, folks! 🙂

I hope you had fun designing and patterning your own panties? (If not, you can read the relevant articles here and here) Now it’s time to turn your designs into reality!

It took me forever, but I finally finished my video tutorial “How to sew panties!”. In the two videos, I show you how to sew panties from the Everyday Panty Pattern. While you can use it to sew along, the real purpose of this tutorial is to enable you to sew your own designs. I use the everyday panties as an example to explain how to cut fabric, how to join your seams and how to apply three different forms of elastics.

Have fun watching and learning, and please comment below what you think of it! :*

Part 1: How to sew panties!

0:00 Introduction
1:13 Make a plan
1:45 Cutting
3:00 Sewing
4:09 Front crotch seam
4:45 Back seam
5:28 Back gathering
6:08 Back crotch seam
8:06 Finishing the gusset
8:59 Side seams
9:33 Conclusion

Part 2: How to apply elastic!

Learn how to finish your lingerie with three different forms of elastic: The scalloped edge elastic, the fold over elastic and the hidden elastic.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Scalloped edge elastic
2:54 Fold over elastic
5:06 Hidden elastic
6:30 Conclusion

2 thoughts on “How to sew panties! (video tutorial)”

  1. Fabulous Job! Been looking for how to draft and make panties. You explain it so well. Drafted them up to size in less than a half hour. Thank you!

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