Panty Pattern Manipulation 2: Everyday Panty

Everyday panty

This is part 2 of the series about panty pattern manipulation. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.







This is my favorite everyday panty pattern! And because of that I brought you four variations of it. The pattern produces a low waist panty with cute gathering at the back. I’m also working on a video tutorial for sewing those panties!

Step 1: Lower the waist of the panty and cut the back at the middle line.

Panty1234_2Step 2: Draft the gathering at the back: Draw horizontal lines in the back piece, rotate the resulting pieces upwards and redraw the edges.


Step 3: Add seam allowance: The width of your seam allowance at the edges should be the width of your elastic. At the seams your seam allowance should be the half width of your sewing feet.

Panty1_2And your finished! 🙂 Wasn’t so hard, was it?

For the front and back pieces you should use a two way stretch fabric such as lycra, power mesh or jersey. The gusset needs to be cut two times, once from the fabric of your front and back piece and once from cotton jersey.

If you want more everyday patterns, then try the following variations:

Variation 1: No horizontal front seam

Panty2_2Variation 2: Long gusset.

This one is perfect, if your front and back pieces are made from sheer fabric. The gusset should as always be cotton jersey.

Step 1: Draw the long gusset into the front piece.








Step 2: Finish the pattern.

Panty3_3Variation 3: No side seam.

This panty has a long gusset and two front seams instead of side seams. The gusset pieces and the back pieces need to be cut two times.

Step 1: Cut of the side front piece and add it to the back piece.








Step 2: Redraw the edges and add seam allowance.

You haven’t heard the last of these panties, because I’m working on a video tutorial for sewing them. So stay tuned! 🙂

But first to some more pattern making! The luxurious lace panty!

Style 2: Lace Panty

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  7. Luisa I enjoyed your utube vid.
    Well done my dear.
    We appreciate your time and genius.

    Just getting into panty and bra making for presents only.
    Would love to see some lace inserts.
    And maybe utubes specifically on techniques of putting in lace to slip hems or camisole tops.


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