Panty Pattern Manipulation 3: Lace Panty

Lace panty

This is part 3 of the series about panty pattern manipulation. Here you can read part 1 and part 2

I love working with beautiful lace, but I also love comfortable panties. So the fit and wearing comfort of this panty is similar to the everyday panty, but the use of lace turns it into a luxury garment. The difference of the pattern for the lace panty compared to the everyday panty is, that the lace edges are straight instead of curved and don’t have seam allowance. You also don’t have to sew elastic along the lace edges.


 Step 1: Draw the front piece and cut of the side front piece








Step 2: Turn the lace edges into a straight line








Step 3: Finish the pattern and add seam allowance

Panty7_5Now you’re ready to fulfill your luxurious lace panty dreams! 😉

And this series goes with a new form of panty: The thong!

Style 3: Thong

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