Panty Pattern Manipulation 4: Thong


This is part 4 of the series about panty pattern manipulation. Here you can read part 1, part 2 and part 3

Panty5_1This simple thong is perfect to wear underneath tighter skirts and trousers. To make it a bit more exciting you could play around with printed or otherwise colorful fabrics.



Step 1: Lay out the pattern pieces of the basic panty pattern (mini) as shown and draw the lines of your thong pattern on top of it. Make sure, that the smallest part of your pattern has 2 times the width of your elastic. Otherwise it will be difficult to sew the elastic.











Step 2: Finish the pattern and add seam allowance.

Panty5_3And that’s it. Simple but effective! Now we want to step up the game by adding lace to our thong:

Style 4: Lace Thong

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