Pattern Manipulation 6: High-waisted Panty

High-waisted Panty

This is part 6 of the series about panty pattern manipulation. Here you can read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

High-waisted Panty

The high-waisted panty was quite popular around the fifties, but also had a comeback in recent years. Since there is more room than on a low-waist panty, it’s a great way to show of lace or printed fabrics. When you use a non-stretch-fabric for the front and powermesh for the sides and back you get great shapewear with tummy control.

This pattern is for a panty with no side seams, but two front seams and a back seam. It also features a horizontal waistband and a peephole in the back.

Step 1: Draft the waistband, it has one seam in the back. Draft the front seams and the peephole in the back.








Step 2: Cut the side piece from the front piece and add it to the back piece. Redraw the lines on the new back piece.








Step 3: Finish the pattern by adding seam allowance.








So, now we’re at the end of this really long panty pattern making series. Thank you for staying with me for such a long read. 😀  I hope this article series helped you understand pattern making a bit better. If you sew up one of these designs, I’d love to see them! :)
Next step for me is finally editing the video tutorial for sewing the everyday panty pattern, where I’ll focus on different techniques of applying elastics. I hope to upload it by the end of august.

Do you like pattern making blog articles in general? Would you like to read more stuff like this?


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